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Greenhouse and House Plants

  • Re-pot any house plants that are pot-bound and tending to topple over or dry out very easily.
  • Sow sweet corn and runner beans for planting out at the end of May.
  • Sow seeds of sweet peppers and chilli peppers for growing in the greenhouse.
  • Feed and water heavily all greenhouse plants, if not already done.
  • Sow basil indoors, and it is best grown in the warmth of a greenhouse.

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Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

  • It is time to sow most kinds of vegetables during good weather with the soil in good condition, taking advantage of any good spell of weather.
  • Onion sets and shallots can be put in too, if not already done.
  • Potatoes can be planted at any time, and it is already a bit late for the first early varieties.
  • Spray apple and pear trees against scab disease if the trees are not resistant varieties, which most kinds are not.
  • Sweet corn and runner bean seeds can be sown in the greenhouse or indoor window sill for planting out later.

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  • Because of the removal of grass mowings and the nutrients they contain, tired lawns might need feeding to boost new grass growth.
  • Regular mowing should be well under way by now.
  • Use lawn mosskiller if there is heavy moss growth.
  • Patchy areas or areas affected by moss growth can be over-sown to increase the growth of grass.
  • Sow lawn seed by scattering it when rain is due to wash it down to soil level.
  • Trim lawn edges and re-make the edges with borders.

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  • Flower seeds sown earlier will need pricking out and growing on, including liquid feeding, to make good-sized plants for planting out in May.
  • Seeds of hardy flowers can be sown now.
  • Spring bulbs can be lifted and moved as flowering fades or at any tme afterwards.
  • Gladiolus and dahlias can be planted directly outdoors from the middle of the month, or towards the end of the month in colder localities.
  • There is still time to start off begonias and cannas indoors.

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Trees, Shrubs and Roses

  • Prune rose bushes without delay, as growth is underway.
  • Spray roses against rose blackspot disease if they are not resistant vareities.
  • Plant broad-leaved and coniferous evergreens now when the sap is rising and they will root quickly, but be sure to give a good watering at planting and in dry spells in the next few months.
  • Pot on any cuttings of trees and shrubs taken last summer and autumn if they are showing new growth.
  • Check young trees and shrubs planted in the last 12 months for water shortage, especially in dry spells.

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