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Greenhouse and House Plants

  • Sow seeds of tomatoes for greenhouse growing without delay, also sweet peppers and chilli peppers, or buy some plants later.
  • Feed greenhouse plants and house plants strongly to move them into rapid growth as the weather warms up and?higher temperatures are reached in the greenhouse.
  • Check for greenflies and other pests indoors.
  • Tidy out all rubbish and begin to prick out flowers and vegetables sown earlier for eventual planting outside.
  • Plant out greenhouse tomato plants now if they are ready.

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Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

  • In late March or early April, there is usually a dry spell of weather suitable for sowing vegetable seeds outdoors and be sure to take advantage of it.
  • In the cooler,damper parts of the country, it can a good idea to start vegetable seeds in small pots or cell trays in a greenhouse or indoors.
  • Seeds sown in cold conditions are often slow to sprout but will do so when the weather warms, although some can fail, notably parsnips, and need to be re-sown.
  • Ensure that the ground is adequately fertile for vegetables because they are mostly heavy feeders … apply 100 grams of general fertilizer per squate metre if neccesary, or less if the soil is good.
  • Use plenty of rotted farmyard manure in a four-year roatation around the vegetable area.
  • Onion sets and shallots can be put in now too.
  • Potatoes should be planted as soon as possible.
  • Prune apple and pear trees and blackcurrant bushes without delay because the buds are already opening.

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  • Grass growth begins to increase and at least one mowing should have been carried out to take off the withered tops of the grass if the ground was firm.
  • Lawns need feeding in most cases, as soon as the weather warms up, to replenish soil nutrient levels leached out in winter.
  • Feeding is especially necessary if grass grew poorly last year and there is a lot of moss competition. Mosskiller can still be used.
  • Trim lawn edges if necessary and re-cut the edges of beds and borders while the soil moist and the sod is easily cut.

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  • Lifting and dividing herbaceous flowers should be completed by now but can be carried out if necessary still, as long as the plants are watered until they re-establish fully.
  • Gladiolus corms can be planted directly outdoors from now on as the soil warms a bit.
  • If hardy annual flowers, such as calendula and candytuft, were sown in autumn or in early spring, check them for weeds, thinning the flower seedlings a little if they are too many.
  • It is really too late to sow bedding flowers because they will flower very late. Wait and buy plants in May.
  • Hardy annual flowers such as calendula and California poppy can be sown now.

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Trees, Shrubs and Roses

  • Check all young trees and shrubs planted since last autumn to ensure they have not been wind-rocked, or the stems rubbed against the soil and stake or tie as necessary.
  • Water young trees if the weather turns dry. Give a heavy watering at about 15 to 25 litres per plant when the leaves are expanding, and repeat if necessary.
  • Trees and shrubs in pots might need watering in dry weather.
  • Evergreens can still be planted as the sap is not rising yet.
  • Bush roses and repeat-flowering climbers should be sprayed now against blackspot disease if they have some foliage.

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