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Trees, Shrubs and Roses

  • Finish clipping hedges as soon as possible, all kinds of hedge can be clipped at this time and they will stay neat longer if clipped now.
  • Make sure to water camellias in pots.
  • Preparations for late autumn tree planting could be made now, controlling existing grass and weeds with Roundup.
  • In a good growing year, many rambler roses carry a few late flowers and pruning could be delayed to get the benefit of these.
  • Evergreen shrubs could be moved now if they need to be given more space.

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  • Plant spring bulbs as soon as possible?… the shops have an excellent choice at the moment. Try out some new kinds that might suit the existing plants in the garden.
  • Small bulbs can be used at the front of borders and in a rock garden.
  • Conditions for planting are ideal with adequate moisture to encourage rooting immediately.
  • Hanging baskets can be kept going a little longer with some liquid feeding.
  • Conditions are ideal for sowing hardy annual flower seeds, such as calendula and candytuft.

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  • Some autumn lawn fertilizer can be applied in the coming weeks to strengthen the grass before winter.
  • If moss is a problem, sulphate of iron could be applied now to knock back the moss and give the grass a chance to assert itself over the coming two months.
  • Sow grass seed for a new lawn on to well prepared, well firmed and level soil and it will sprout very quickly.
  • Over-sow an old lawn, killing the existing grass with Roundup, and sowing onto the dying sod a week or two later.

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Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

  • Plant spring cabbage into ground vacated by early potatoes. No fertilizer is needed because the potatoes would have been adequately fed. This ground is also usually nice and open after potatoes ? just the conditions that spring cabbage needs to make some growth before winter.
  • Continue to tidy up and remove old crops and weeds; growth is still strong and the job will become more difficult later.
  • Pick apples and pears as they become ready. The best test is to gently lift a fruit, if it comes away easily, the fruit is ripe.
  • Pears need some time – a week to several weeks – to ripen off the tree.

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Greenhouse and House Plants

  • Remove leaves and debris.
  • Be careful not to over-water from now on.
  • Cuttings of evergreen trees and shrubs can be taken still but need the extra warmth of a propagator to improve the success rate.
  • Try some ‘Paper White’ narcissi in a bown in the greenhouse.
  • Plant some freesia corms and anemone tubers for spring display in the greenhouse.

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