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Blakes Cross, Lusk, Co. Dublin,

NAD is the sole distributor of the Viano Organics environmentally friendly product range for Ireland.

MoBacter from Viano in Belgium is a granular organic-based slow release fertiliser which removes moss, feeds grass for about 100 days and improves the soil all in one.

One of the major benefits is it destroys moss without leaving any of the unsightly black debris. The dead moss is actually digested by the bacteria (Bacillus sp.) which is found naturally in the soil but when added to fertiliser it consumes dead material like thatch and moss, making it unnecessary for raking or scarification after treatment.
Being organic it is totally safe and unlike some weed & moss killers is not harmful to you, your children or animals. It will not burn plants in your borders if you should spread it beyond your lawn, it does not stain stonework, patios or paths – a massive bonus!

Meet the Viano MoBacter family:
– Viano MoBacter (Moss remover fertiliser)
– Viano Recovery (Transforms and revives stressed grass)
– Viano Organic Lawnfeed (Organic based lawn feed for dense and lush lawn)
– Viano Organic Plant Food (IOFGA certified for organic growers)
– Viano Organic Rose Food (Balanced nutrients to produce the best roses)
– Viano Bio Lime (Promotes healthy thriving grass)

Other professional products (organic and organo-mineral) in bags/bulk bags and tailor-made formulations are available on request.