Revealed: What is Ireland’s favourite flower?


In last month’s March issue The Irish Garden magazine in association with Mr Middleton’s Garden Shop, posed this question by means of an online survey and well over 1,200 readers replied. That is more than five times the number required for a statistically valid poll. They were asked to vote only for their favourite flower from ten nominated popular flowers.

And, surprise, surprise, the rose was a comfortable winner, head of a surprisingly strong showing by sweet pea. Daffodil had a bit of an advantage because it was March, daffodils season. Peony and lily, two grandees of the garden, were not far behind but then the field petered out to a collection of also-rans, namely, in order: clematis, poppy, tulip, sunflower and iris with little between them, the rose scoring more than their five cumulative scores.


The Irish Garden readers were also asked to score a series of the joys of the garden, naming more than one on the list if they wished. ‘Beautiful flowers and colours’ was a clear winner, at almost 80%, followed by ‘Supports wildlife’ at just over 60%. To place wildlife at number two is a real eye-opener. While most gardening folk love nature in all its forms, the importance of gardens as habitat for wildlife has only come to the fore in recent decades. ‘Sitting relaxing’ and ‘Satisfying effort’ scored quite high at 48% and 39% respectively, emphasising that people truly appreciate the pleasure of a garden and they are by no means all ‘maintenance-free’ merchants.

The total poll indicated that responders selected six of the available choices, which makes the tot-up more solid. Some surprises too, ‘Greenhouse growing’ was expected to do better and ‘Garden water feature’ was low at 10%, given that it is the first thing to be checked out by a new visitor to any garden that has a water feature. Fascinating stuff!


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