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Japanese Zen garden

Find your ‘Zen’ at Powerscourt Garden Pavilion

Join Head Gardener Alex Slazenger at Powerscourt Garden Pavilion in Enniskerry, County Wicklow for a talk on ‘Creating a Japanese Garden’ this Thursday October 19th at 11am.

Learn how Powerscourt came to have an oriental garden, the last major addition to the Gardens by the 8th Lord and Lady Powerscourt in 1908. It was an era when westerners were captivated by Japanese attitudes to nature and it was fashionable to have exotic influences in your home and garden. The Japanese Garden was the family’s most private garden where they liked to relax and hold parties.

As well as listening to fascinating stories such as these, Alex will guide you through the practical elements of creating a Japanese style garden. The key to a Japanese garden is to create a calming, soothing and relaxed atmosphere with the use of meandering paths, flowing water and carefully selected plants that float you through the garden. In terms of planting, the Japanese Garden at Powerscourt it is a free-for-all of colourful, exotic species. Join Alex as he discusses the elements of design that are key to creating this atmosphere. Afterwards why not enjoy a visit to Powerscourt Gardens. Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year to see the Gardens as the maple trees burst into the glorious colours of purple, red, orange and yellow.

The talk costs €5 and tickets can be booked on www.powerscourt.com/events. The talk does not include entry to Powerscourt Gardens.