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I wasn’t able to see the screen but it’s OK now. Yesterday I hadn’t much time and spent it all shifting a rock. Not the one I intended. That wouldn’t budge. But I found the one beside it w

Looking down from above.tree still there in this pic.
A sunnier view.

as like an iceberg- most of it was buried. But it could move. Managed to get it upstanding and was delighted with result. If you look at the photo the visible part of the rock was where the moss is. Now it’s much straighter and more impressive.

Moss shows where it was visible 

That’s all for Thursday.  Today I went for a swim. Was thinking of Elizabeth’s corner. When we removed the concrete box (stuck in the middle of it) I used the old blocks to build up the terraces. But I thought stones would be nicer. River stones. I hauled a lot out onto the bank and collected them after. Three Barrowfuls ! I spent all day at it. It now looks a lot better. I fixed a few of the bigger step rocks and took out a big bundle Ian big root. I put it in the bog and think it will do well there.and Elizabeth’s corner is clearer. I shall start planting tomorrow cistus primulas and dianthus to start.  Now for some photos

Not the clearest picture

Author: peter hennessy

I wrote this out a few days ago and it vanished! Mine is a natural garden, some woodland, some bog, some formal bits, and on a slope. My passion is for rocks and I can happily spend a day carefully manhandling one into the side of a path or placing three together in such a way that there's a relationship between them or using one as a stand for an urn. The difference of a few centimeters or a slight difference in level which no one but myself will see , thats my happiest occupation. Oh yes and I like growing flowers and plants in and around the rocks as well! I wonder is any other gardener similarly deranged in that rocks take precedence over every other aspect?

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